touchy chansung and junho’s not-so-subtle smile


@dlwnsghek: @jypnation When is our Party Version MV coming out?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation Mm? When is it coming out

@dlwnsghek@jypnation spit it out, spit it out

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation I’m the only one talking to you, right? Answer me

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation I have to go to the movie filming set, answer quickly ㅠㅠ

@taeccool: @dlwnsghek @jypnation It Nuneo, you’ve been hacked? Why’re you suddenly so talkative?ㅋㅋㅋ Btw when is party ver coming out?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation GO CRAZY
#G #O #C #R #A #Z #Y
#AreYou #Crazy?
#YouCray #ImNotCursing #PartyVer #When?

@dlwnsghek: I’m tweeting a lot today, huh. GO CRAZY. Cray cray this is not a cuss word. #미친거아니야 #미친아ForShort

@jypnation: @dlwnsghek @taeccool Party version M/V is going to be released at noon. Until then let’s focus on online downloads and streaming!! :) Go Crazy Daebak!!

@taeccool: @jypnation @dlwnsghek Ah… it was 12 o’clock at noon?ㅋㅋㅋ Sorry… Mr admin, go to sleep… but keep that streaming on, eh?

@dlwnsghek: @jypnation thank you I love you
But go crazy?

@2PMagreement211: @jypnation @dlwnsghek @taeccool You should announce such things in advance ㅜㅜ.. Got me all excited ㅠㅠ..

@dlwnsghek: @2PMagreement211 @jypnation @taeccool I told you. Didn’t you just forget? Aren’t we all crazy?

@2PMagreement211: @dlwnsghek @jypnation @taeccool i… is that so..

@Jun2daKAY: Our Junho #미친거아니야 ? Crazy promo for #2PM

@2PMagreement211: @Jun2daKAY @dlwnsghek Party version at noon 12 o’clock…

trans. by 2pmalways [T/N: 미친거아니야 in Korean for short is 미친아, but it also means “you stupid” or “you crazy.” That’s why Junho says “This is not a curse.”]

Ho crazy*

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